Saturday, 17 July 2010

Edward Lear....he knew a thing or two!

The topic of my blog today is the genius of Edward Lear.
Have any of you ever had the good fortune to read his famous "Book of Nonsense" or "Nonsense Omnibus"?
Well you should! It has had me in stitches all night. When all else fails and you feel completely defeated, you should pick it up, turn to the section on Limericks and read until you're laughing, crying and completely unable to breathe.
If this fails, turn to page 471 and learn how to make Amblongus pie!
Now if these ridiculous poems and recipes fail to cheer you up even the slightest, I suggest a healthy dose of Father Ted or Absolutely Fabulous.
Today i scraped most of the skin off the top of my foot whilst moving house. It hurt a lot. So much so that i was unable to stop myself exclaiming "By the TITS of St.Agnes!" time you're in pain or are stuck in a traffic jam or something, you should open the nearest window and shout the aforementionad phrase to the heavens.......I promise it will make you feel better and put a smile on your face.
More stupidity tomorrow.

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